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Today, most organisations only capture formal online learning and structured courses in their learning management systems.

This equates to as little as 10% of actual on the job learning.

(Charles Jennings, Workplace Performance, 2017)

Our Solution

Intrinsic Learning brings you a new innovative tool to log
Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

The new way to track and manage Continuing Professional Development (CPD)


Increasingly Professional and Industry bodies are seeking to increase the value and credibility of their education and CPD programs.  The challenge they face is how to recognise and verify the on the job learning experiences of their members.

Intrinsic Learning achieves this through its innovative approach using internet based tools to log informal and formal learning

It can even integrate with established  systems with most employers and workplaces.

What contributes to your CPD points?

  • online learning
  • webinars
  • workplace training
  • meetings
  • review of technical bulletins and
  • journals
  • teaching work colleagues
  • reading manuals
  • conferences
  • state meeting

The Future of Learning is here.


Support your employees through training priorities, suitable role placements, reward and recognition, and opportunities for career advancement.

Empowered, engaged, connected, recognised and rewarded employees are happier, more productive and positively contribute to the workplace.

Case Study

Institute of Healthcare Engineering Australia

The Intrinsic ‘Log my Learning’ system has enabled the Institute to reframe its education offering and leap forward in member value.  Micro-credentialing in context offers credible recognition of ‘on the job’ learning using Entrustable Professional Activities (EPA).

Karen Taylor

CEO, Institute of Healthcare Engineering Australia

“Our mission is to introduce new ways to facilitate learning, and effectively capture, store and interpret learning data to benefit learners and their organisations.”

Dr Mark Keough / Founder, Intrinsic Learning


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